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Junger Storch tanzt auf dem Dach 

Young stork dancing on the roof 2020

Fahrzeug mit Gasturbine mit vollem Schub
Brazzeltag Auto- und Technikmuseum Speyer 2015
Offene Flammen aus dem Auspuff
Brazzeltag Auto- und Technikmuseum Speyer 2015
Feuerwehrfahrzeug aus den USA
Brazzeltag Auto- und Technikmuseum Speyer 2015
Alwin feels good!
Brazzeltag Auto- und Technikmuseum Speyer 2015
Barack Obama - photography of a picture taken with a Noctilux on Leica M
Vienna Photo Gallery 2016
Figurine in Infrared light - Infrared Photography 2017
Leaves in summer - Infrared Photography 2017
Multi-Picture-GIF 2012 
Kart Race Landau 2014
A Family Guy
Airport Lugano-Agno 2014 
Vector W8
Rodeo Drive, Hollywood 2015
Monument Valley, Utah 2015
Grand Canyon, Arizona 2015
Virginia City, Nevada 2015
Inside BART
San Francisco 2015
Birds of Alcatraz
San Francisco, Alcatraz 2015
Inside Alcatraz
San Francisco, Alcatraz 2015
Arlington West
Santa Monica Beach, California 2015
Elephant Feet
Natural Monument, Arizona 2015
Christo: Wrapped Reichstag
Berlin 1995
Magical Structure
Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin 1995
Just A Gem
Nikon SP with W-Nikkor 1.8/3.5cm
Lens of a collodion camera
View through the finder of a Nikon SP
Ohne Kinder...
Blühendes Barock Ludwigsburg, Dezember 2010
Inside M15
Duffy Square Manhattan, New York 1994
The Players
Liberty Plaza Park, Manhattan, New York 1994
AntoniQ, Thüringen 2014
Der Turm
AntoniQ, Thüringen 2014
Ruhrgebiet 1994
Niederlage im eigenen Stadion - Defeat in own stadium
VfB Stuttgart - Borussia Dortmund 2:3 (2:1), Mercedes-Benz-Arena, March 03 2014
Man with camera
Berlin 1995
Krieg - und was davon übrig bleibt...
World War I+II cemetery Stuttgart (taken on a B&W plate 5x7") 2012
Making of No.1
World War I+II cemetery, Stuttgart 2012
Coast Road Bridge
Casablanca Beach, December 2016
Imouzzer, Morocco, December 2016
Having a Camel
Taghazout beach, Morocco, December 2016
Boston Reflexions
Downtown Boston, USA 2017
Tears of Heaven
9/11 Memorial, Downtown Manhattan, New York 2017
Rainy Liberty
Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York 2017
Every single one is a monument
Arlington, Memorial Day 2017
So what...
Kennedy Space Center, Florida 2017
A Fairy Tale?
Key West, Florida 2017
About time to go home...